Drs. Usman and Shameem Siddiqi

Drs. Usman and Shameem Siddiqi

In short, Total Pediatric Care would not be where it is today without the heroic contributions of Dr. Usman Siddiqi and Dr. Shameem Siddiqi, two highly experienced and extraordinary physicians, who dedicated their lives to providing compassionate care to the children of Fort Lauderdale.

In 1994, the doctors founded Total Pediatric Care, a clinic with a strong focus on helping underprivileged children. The rest is a legacy only felt by meeting these two remarkable physicians.

For almost 30 years, Drs. Usman and Shameem Siddiqi continued to work tirelessly to ensure that the children of Fort Lauderdale received unparalleled care. Their service extended through three generations of families and their compassion set a new standard for the care of human beings. Their dedication to their patients was unwavering, and they continuously put the needs of the children first. Their commitment to providing exceptional medical care earned them a reputation as two of the most respected and trusted pediatricians in the Fort Lauderdale community and beyond!

However, their legacy extends far beyond their medical care. Drs. Usman and Shameem Siddiqi continue to be known for their generosity and constant attention to charitable foundations. Through their actions, they emphasize the importance of giving back to the community, and they make it a priority to help those in need. They are particularly passionate about helping underprivileged children, especially in their home country of Pakistan, and even in their retirement, continue to dedicate much of their time and resources to supporting organizations that focus on providing these children with the support and care they need. Most recently, they have adopted a school in Pakistan to serve the needs of marginalized children, providing education, food, and financial services to these children. They are guided in charitable action by their strong faith in Islam, exemplifying its covenants of generosity and service.

As we remember the continued contributions of Dr. Usman Siddiqi and Dr. Shameem Siddiqi, we are reminded of the importance of compassion, generosity, and selfless care. Their legacy at Total Pediatric Care will continue to guide the practice’s mission of providing selfless and compassionate care to children. Through their powerful actions, Drs. Usman and Shameem Siddiqi will continue to inspire generations of doctors and medical professionals who strive to make a difference in the lives of their patients and communities. We are ever grateful for the invaluable influence and legacy that they have gifted onto the following generation of medical providers.

Short Biography written in appreciation by:

Karl Yousef, MD


by | Apr 30, 2023